We Simplify

At Global Automation we work with you to provide simple solutions for complex applications.

Industry Solutions

We specialise in simplifying complex industrial processes through cutting edge automation and communication technologies.

Operator communication

HMIs translate data from industrial control systems into visual representations of the systems.

Automation solutions

Automation is about combining hardware and software into smart functional solutions.

Digitalization & IIoT

Creating value from performance data and vital information in the industrial layer through secure data access and transfer.

M2M Communication

Machine builders use this data for making simple trend analyses, triggering alarms from tag data, building local dashboards.

Wireless Communication

Allows users to easily establish connectivity between isolated networks, giving greater flexibility for building secure applications.

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reduce costs, improve efficiency and become leaders.

We stock the widest range of IAS (Industrial Automation Solutions) in Australia so we can provide the best product(s) available to help our customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and become leaders in their industry.